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Friday, 10 December 2021
Meeting Resources

From Purpose to Impact (Harvard Business Review):


“Man’s Search for Meaning” (Viktor Frankl):



How Inclusive is Your Leadership? (Harvard Business Review):


Global Leadership (Center for Creative Leadership):



Developing Global Leaders (McKinsey):


Global Mindset


Unconditional Positive Regard: (Carl Rogers)


Everything Starts with Trust (Harvard Business Review):


Code Switching:


The Cost of Code Switching (Harvard Business Review):


Leadership Competencies Across Cultures (Korn Ferry):


Leadership, Popular Culture, and Social Change (University of Richmond):


Authentic Leadership (Bill George):



Core Values List (James Clear):


Perception and Reality:



Bias and Perception (NPR):



Impact of Perception and Bias in Leadership (Forbes):


50 Types of Cognitive Biases:


Empathy and Bias (National Human Genome Research Institute):



The Compassionate vs. Empathetic Brain (Stanford Medicine):



Transform Anger to Compassion (Greater Good, Berkeley):



Forgiveness and Reconciliation (Charter for Compassion):



Emotional Intelligence - Self/Other Awareness:


Cultural Intelligence (Harvard Business Review):


Cultural Agility: (Paula Caligiruis):


Peach vs Coconut Cultures (Harvard Business Review):


Implicit Association Test (Harvard):



The Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity (Milton Bennett):



Intercultural Competency Inventory (IDI):



Individualism and Collectivism (Dr. Geert Hofstede):


Concept of Time across cultures:


Non-verbal communication:


Albert Mehrabian

The Mehrabian Myth:


Mandela quote: You have a limited time to stay on earth. You must try and use that period for the purpose of transforming your country into what you desire it to be — democratic, non-racial and a non-sexist country. That is a great task,” July 18, 2019​​


Malala Yousafzai quote:  “When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.”


Summary of Viktor Frankl: “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and freedom.”


George Bernard Shaw quote:  “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

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Meeting Details

Please join 10 minutes early

Login: 07:50 Eastern U.S. Time

Meeting: 08:00–10:00 Eastern U.S. Time

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Zoom link: 

Meeting ID: 898 4266 4319 

Passcode: IVLP 

Meeting Topic: Building on the previous workshop and an asynchronous assignment, Luby Ismail and Julia Gaspar-Bates will conduct a highly interactive session on cultural perceptions and values. The objectives for this workshop are to 1) enhance awareness of how cultural values impact behaviors at work; 2) explore different stages to develop a global mindset and skills for inclusive leadership; and 3) determine specific actions to increase inclusive leadership skills in work environments.


  1. Read Article, "Stumbling Blocks in Intercultural Communication" by Laray M. Barna

  2. Complete Cultural Values Assessment

Meet Your Speakers
Luby Ismail.jpg

Lobna “Luby” Ismail 


Founder and President 

Connecting Cultures 

Lobna “Luby” Ismail, founder and president of Connecting Cultures, has expertise on cultural competence, Arab cultures, and intercultural communication. She is committed to bridge-building and breaking down the barriers of bias based on her lived experience as an Arab American and American Muslim. Luby advocates another dimension of diversity based on her diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis. Luby acquired an M.A. in Intercultural Relations from Lesley University and a B.A. in International Service from The American University. A sought-after speaker, she has traveled to Asia, South America, the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe. Her clients include Federal and State agencies, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, and corporations including Microsoft, Walt Disney World, Foreign Service Institute, and the Institute of International Education. Luby is a member of Toastmasters International, and a Peer Mentor for Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation.

Julia Gaspar-Bates.jpg

Julia Gaspar-Bates 


Founder and President 

Intercultural Alliances 

Julia Gaspar-Bates is founder and president of Intercultural Alliances, LLC, a cross-cultural training and consulting firm. With more than 30 years’ experience working globally, she has designed and delivered trainings for leaders and teams on four continents in multiple languages. Julia has been immersed in intercultural environments her entire life. Born in London into a bi-cultural family and raised in the United States, she has lived in six countries as an adult and traveled to nearly 50. She incorporates a holistic approach to her work integrating mindfulness-based practices to allow her clients to deepen their self-awareness of the many factors contributing to their cultural identities, increase their knowledge, and develop skills to work in diverse environments. Julia holds an M.A. in Intercultural Relations, spent 10 years as an adjunct professor at George Washington University, and is in the process of co-writing her first book on cultural differences between the French and Americans. 

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