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Wednesday, 15 December 2021
Group 3: Chicago Urban League

Chicago, Illinois | Organized by WorldChicago

  1. Lisiane LEMOS | Brazil 

  2. SHARON AWIYE | Cameroon 

  3. Marina HORVAT | Croatia 

  4. Atiyo Buh Awke MUSE | Denmark 

  5. Aisha TAMBAJANG | Denmark 

  6. Yasmin NASRUDIN | Germany 

  7. Victor ASTURIAS | Guatemala 

  8. Badara Aly KONE | Mali 

  9. Andre CALLUS | Malta 

  10. Elias MARTINEZ CRISTALDO | Paraguay 

  11. Joanna KUBICKA | Poland 

  12. Mariana de ARAUJO SARAIVA ESTEVES | Portugal 

  13. Mohamed "Moha" GEREHOU | Spain 

  14. Rismawatie BISSESAR | Suriname

Meeting Resources
Meeting Details

Please join 10 minutes early

Login: 13:50 Eastern U.S. Time

Meeting: 14:00–15:30 Eastern U.S. Time

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Zoom link: 

Meeting ID: 844 6725 8008 

Passcode: IVLP 

Meeting organized by: WorldChicago in collaboration with Meridian International Center

Meeting Topic: Erskine "Chuck" Faush will discuss how their organization addresses the needs of those who are on the economic and social margins through education, research, advocacy, and the provision of services.

Meet Your Speaker
Chuck Faush.png

Erskine "Chuck" Faush 


Senior Vice President

Chief Development and Innovation Officer 

Chicago Urban League  

Erskine “Chuck” Faush joined the team from Birmingham, Alabama, where he produced the state's largest innovation and pitch competitions for seed and startup companies as well as The Yard HBCU platform supporting infrastructure, inclusion and innovation investments, scholarships and grants. Previously, he served as president of Summit Media Entertainment from 2015 to 2018 and as Chief of Staff for the City of Birmingham from 2010 to 2015. His background includes various marketing and media leadership roles. He is also an ordained elder in the Amy Zion church and serves on several Birmingham boards. 


He has received numerous awards and recognitions, including being recognized as an Urban League Leader in Civic Engagement and in an NAACP Leader of the Year. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Alabama Birmingham, holds professional certificates, and was awarded honorary doctorate from Miles College.  

About the Organization

The Chicago Urban League (Chicago, Illinois) works to achieve equity for Black families and communities through social and economic empowerment. Through collaborative community, corporate, and civic relationships, they have helped people find jobs, secure affordable housing, advance their education, and grow their businesses. A representative of the Chicago Urban League will share how they address the needs of those who are on the economic and social margins through education, research, advocacy, and the provision of services.  

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